xLearn offer for the succession plan

Assist your employees with their professional development ?

A benefit for the companies:

Resolve the potential suspension of work

Add value to the obligatory positions

Secure the proper functioning of the company

xLearn will assist you to :

Identify the skills of you employees

Set up a mapping of the essential skills

Follow-up of the employee’s development and set-up of the fitting trainings

Thanks to our nimble tool, you can bring a functional organization to your society

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What do you mean by succession plan ?

It’s about a selection and a skills development process that can likely allow the take over of a company’s main positions. Those positions are considered as essential because they require to have particular skills that are not easy to get, and they can not stay unoccupied for too long – for example: management, engineers or qualified technicians…

Most of the time, talents are selected among the employees. Someone that already have a position in the company is trained, his skills are updated to hold a position that is generally upper than the previous one.

However, it sometimes happens that the company hires outdoors applicants. In every instance, a solid training roll-out has to be executed to assist the development of the required skills.

Afterwards, the company has to ensure a follow-up to repeat the operation whenever it’s necessary.

The succession plan is based on several attention points:

Such as a product’s life-cycle, there’s got to be applicants in every steps of the occupation succession: potential talents, newly positioned candidates, and employees that don’t especially want to change position.

To achieve this goal, the organization has to be equipped. Skills mappings and dashboards will allow allow it, particularly in identifying the skills and the maturity of the candidates, in order to:

  • Follow up the potential development of the employees particularly to achieve the main positions
  • Identify every employee’s skills
  • Point-out the essential positions for the company, as some of them can be under estimated (ex: qualified technician, experienced representative)

The evolving candidats will be dispensed of trainings, along with a follow-up of the process that will allow them to be well equipped to obtained the so-called position.