Strategic Workforce Planning

Assisting the strategy of a company ?

A real stake for the HR

Assess the skills of the co-workers and adjust the organizations

Anticipate the future needs (the future jobs, future retirement…)

Outline and assist the internal mobility

xLearn will assist you

With the automatic matching between the co-workers and the internal opportunities

Strengthening and analyzing the HR data in real time

Spotting and assessing the soft-skills and the aspirations of the co-workers.

Thanks to our nimble tool, you can foresee the operational needs

For the HR Teams

Strengthening of the HR data and KPI’s follow-up

Predictive analysis of the needs and skills

For the managers

Skills designation for the projects and missions

Internal recruitment and the intra-groupe mobility

For the co-workers

Customized training courses proposal, positions, projects

Help for building professional projects

Strategic Workforce Planning : the changes in the work environment and their effects on co-worker’s skills

Strategic Workforce Planning is a main spot to assist the transformation induced by the platform era (Amazon, Uber…). HR teams will need to contribute more actively to the definition of the long and mi-term strategy. Which means they have to develop their “data culture” to obtain metrics that will support their message to the Managing Director. Such as the CFO or the IT Management could do. However, when the HR team has data, it will not be organized, and often shared in several HR information service, Excel or Word files we can barely use.

It is inevitable to assist the skills development of the co-workers toward new professions by identifying the potential candidates that can be “re-skilled”. They can be proposed opportunities – training courses, position or project – implement themselves. To complete successfully this process, the co-worker have to be the actor of his career.

New tools are bringing out revolution for the human resource management. Thanks to artificial intelligence, those tools allows the administrative management of the employees (salary, vacation…) to have added value advices as well and leading the HR teams, the managers, and the employees on their career. The algorithms, the IA and the big data can not replace human being exchanges between a manager and his co-worker.

For further information on that topic, you will find our full article on the Mag RH n°5- March 2019