The Xlearn outplacement offer – professional reclassification

Assisting your employees mobility?

A real benefit for the outplacement Consultancy firms

Effective and time-saving for the advisors

Closeness with the wo-workers: open and simple management

A distinction vector for the competition

xLearn will assist you :

Simplify the analysis of the skills of the co-workers

Simplify the collection of the aspirations of the co-workers

Offer customized career opportunities

Thanks to our nimble tool, you will bring to your co-workers the most appropriate career history and the aspirations

For the outplacement consultancy firms

Simplify the collection of you clients motives and analyze their skills

Offer customized opportunity careers

For the co-workers

Help with the building of a professional project

Access for the co-workers to their transposable skills

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What is the outplacement precisely ?

The outplacement, or what we usually call professional reclassification is a professional mobility process support that appeared in France for the first time between the 80′ and 90′. It takes place when
an employee deliberately steps down from a company, or when there is a redundancy.

The outplacement is not always necessary. For only one dismissal, the process is not required. It will be more of an ethical matter and it will allow both the company and the co-worker to separate each other in good terms. On the other hand, it is required for the companies that proceed to over 10 dismissals at a time.

It’s about a support process that will allow the employees to find a direction depending on their skills and wishes. Negotiate an outplacement can be expensive and not surely and achievement.

Our solution aims to increase the consultancy firms effect along with the satisfaction of the co-workers while maximizing the professional reclassification results.