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Recruit and handle the talents effectively?

A real benefit for the start-ups

Maximize recruitment

Create and boost engagement

Use the interviews

xLearn will assist you :

With a real -time skills mapping

Defining and proposing customized development processes to attract and keep good profiles only

Assisting with the mobility

Thanks to our nimble tool, you can anticipate your previous recruitment needs and training courses

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Boosting the employees’s engagement is a decisive effect

30% of the French employees say that the clear career history development and the engagement point as important as the bonus. The companies that want to increase the engagement of their co-workers, have to set up a career management that offers development possibilities – internal mobilities, training courses, career changes, replacements. As they say, internal recruitment is like” looking for a needle in a haystack”. The HR don’t know all the profiles, and the co-workers don’t know all the professional career history they can have.

The xLearn tool helps HR teams to effectively handle and recruit the talents. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence, recruitment are maximized and engagement is developed.