The xLearn the consultancy firms’s offer

Attract, develop and engage talents to reply the customers needs?

A real asset for the consultancy firms

Attract and engage talents

Develop the skills of the co-workers

Spot the best skills to give the customers high-quality missions

xLearn will assist you :

Automatic matching between the co-workers profiles, the positions, the projects and the training courses.

Frame of reference and skills mapping

Interviews and feedbacks

Thanks to our nimble tool, you will use the potential of your talents

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The significance of soft-skills

In the past, today’s HR tools were all about the administrative management of the co-workers to industrialize the daily process of the human resources – salary, vacation, training courses organization

Recently, progresses were done based on Artificial Intelligence to support companies in their external recruitment.

Those tools are especially on one co-worker’s hard-skills whereas a co-worker’s achievement in a position or in a project depends on his technical skills as much as his aspirations and soft-skills.

How to set up practices that will be interested in the soft-skills as well.

The xLearn tool is as solution, it really takes an interest in to the co-worker. For each and every co-worker, xLearn analyzes the technical occupation’s skills, the human skills and the aspirations.