Individualization of training paths

XLearn individualizes training paths using different modules:

My profile is a module that tracks the evolution of your employees within the organization. It also collects its personal expectations in order to identify the skills and aspirations of each and every employee.

The data is automatically updated thanks to our connexion with your HRIS or your Linkedin profile. The employees are often encouraged to complete their profile.

Identification of skills to develop

The precise data related to the employee are used during interviews thanks to our interview module. This module allows to guide the exchanges between the managers and the employees to identify the skills that need to be strengthened or that could be useful for a future professional mobility.

The employees are free to assess their own skills. They determine which skills they have and which ones they could develop. They can also leave comments for every choice they make to give more details about their answers. This brings managers a clearer vision of each emloyee’s expectations in order to take action if needed. Our platform simplifies this process and limits mistakes in choosing the right training.

The HR manager has a broad vision of the expecations of all employees regarding training. They can also directly assign and manage trainings. An interface gathers all data in order to have an overview of all teams’ expecations and needs.

Taking advantage of interviews

Thanks to the use of your HR data and the knowledge of your employees’ needs -expressed during the interviews-, our tool can match the skills required for every job and the ones that trainings can provide in order to offer your employees the most relevant trainings.